I have been working on a new video set for a couple of weeks now, it is quite challenging and I have to up my game on pretty much anything I touch. From time to time fate smiles and gives me a new idea or fortunate glitch to work with, the hard part as usual is to integrate these into a cohesive final experience.


Getting from an idea to the implementation can be an uphill road, especially when one has to develop their own tools along the way to achieve the result one shoots for. In the last couple of months I’ve added a lot of new functionality to the codebase and tried out my rig in different situations to find out what its capable of, what resonates most with the viewers and what still needs work. Very grateful to everyone who shared their thoughts on this or that part of my experimental roadshow!

The biggest step forward was integrating Spout library with my software. I have often regretted in the past choosing Win PC as my dev platform and thus not having the benefits of Syphon which has been around on Macs for a while. Well, that is no longer an issue! Making Spout play with Ogre3D (which I use for its scene manager and powerful realtime renderer) was a bit of an ordeal, but the Spout team has been very helpful and gave me great info to get me on the right path. The remaining pieces of the puzzle I found on the Ogre3D forums – the community they have is strong and helpful, and most questions you can come up with (even of the more obscure sort) have most likely been already answered there. There is still much more to be achieved down that road but for now I am very happy with the performance of this hybrid and weeks of gruntwork have definitely paid off!


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